About the Cause

About the Cause

Refugee and Orphan Education is a cause near to me. Refugees can often lose over 7 years of middle-school education in camps and moving from place to place, not to mention the loss of sense of self-worth. This is particularly more difficult for orphans who don't have the gift of guidance from parents.


Helping Orphan-Families in Beirut who lost their father in recent events

Al-Makan in Lebanon is a community that's been actively focusing on helping families rebuild after the recent events in Lebanon. In particular, they are connected to orphan-famlilies who lost their father in these events... supporting them in various ways (repairs, food, etc), including direct cash stipends. Funds from this campaign will be channeled directly to those families. See their works highlighted on BBC here


Helping Palestinian Orphans

GiveLight Foundation is an NGO based in Silicon Valley, California USA. Its mission is to build beautiful homes and futures for global orphans. Founded in the wake of the 2004 tsunami and starting with one home in Indonesia supporting 50 children, it is now supporting over 1000 orphans in 11 countries. The countries include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Jordan, Turkey and Morocco.

Their work is supported by more than forty major corporations via employee matching grants. Among those companies are Google, Paypal, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Disney, IBM, Intel and many more.

Its latest project is supporting the education of 30 orphans in Gaza. The longer-term goal is to support 100 children by the end of 2020.



About HHRD

Helping Hand for Relief and Development is a Zakat-eligible charity foundation that operates in over 85 countries, providing various programs of humanitarian aid.

They take care of following basic needs of the sponsored orphans.

Subsistence(monthly ration, clothes, hygiene kits);

Education (includes school fee, books, school supplies and two uniforms);

Health (includes medical checkups, immunization);

Social upliftment (includes Extra curricular activities) last but not the least;

Child Protection Rights (includes inheritance and family).


HHRD also organizes the "Youth for Jordan" trips which brings young people to see first-hand the needs of refugees from places like Seattle.


Past Donations

The Karam Foundation

Karam Foundation is a nonprofit organization on a mission to build a better future for Syrians. We work to build a sustainable future through three main components: smart aid, innovative education, and sustainable development. 
Karam's community innovation workspaces in Istanbul and Reyhanli, Turkey are called Karam Houses - where Syrian refugee teens participate in a variety of STEAM-based innovative education workshops and benefit from powerful mentorships - all supplementing students' education and critical thinking.
The Karam Families program gives vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Turkey monthly stipends on the condition that their kids go to school, and the Karam Scholars program provides gap funding for Syrian refugees attending university in Turkey and Jordan.


We successfully completed a Ramadan campaign for their benefit that raised enough funds to sponsor 45 orphans.


The Reyhanli Educational Village and Yatim Vakfi

In the month of Rajab, we supported Yatim Vakfi and the Reyhanli Educational Village.

The Reyhanli Educational Village is an orphan village at the border of Turkey and Syria, hosting over 1000 syrian orphans. They are given both a classical and spiritual education, trained in Hifz of Quran and things like drama, mechatronics and robotics. While the children play in the afternoon nasheeds from Maher Zain ring throughout the compound. 

The environment is strictly islamic, with strictly segregated classes and activities. In our visit we saw a young orphan boy give adhan at maghrib.